Welcome To Perspective Drawing!

Perspective Is the Key To Drawing

What This Course Is And What You Will Learn

This course follows up the Beginning Drawing I and Beginning Drawing II. We have talked about how we can construct drawings from 2D and 3D shapes. To intermediate and advanced objects and scenes we need to understand perspective which is really no more than understanding how we see the world around us. The more we understand how we see the easier it is to recreate it in our drawing.

This class is taught using drafting tools and pencils. These same concepts can be practiced with your digital program of choice. Some might say why would I waste my time to learn this when I can have dozens of programs do this stuff for me. However that would be a mistake. Learning perspective helps your brain to expand so you can draw anything you can imagine. It will help every aspect of your sketching and drawing.

We are really just scratching the surface of perspective concepts in this class but using the concepts will drastically improve your drawing as I show you how to use them. Good luck and enjoy.

Materials Needed For Class

1- 18" x 24" Newsprint or Sketchbook Pad

1- HB Graphite Pencil

1- 24" Straight Edge Ruler

1- 24" T-Square

1- 24" x 24" Or Similar Size Drawing Board

1- 10" or similar size drafting Triangle

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