Drawing Isn't a Talent.

It Is a Learned Skill. Anyone Can Learn to Draw!

People say to me all the time "I wish I could draw, but I don't have the Talent." The truth is drawing is a learned skill. Talent has little to do with it. Learn the approaches of great drawing with desire, belief, and determination! Do that and you will be amazed at what you will be able to draw! Join Me and Get Creative!

Learn the Skills On Your Own Terms!

This is a study at your own pace online learning class. Watch the pre-recorded videos and draw using the concepts that are taught. The more you draw the more you will learn. You can learn to draw amazing things!

What We Will Learn

  • Ten Step Value Scale
  • Handholds for Shading
  • Controlling Flat Tones
  • Creating Variations of Tone
  • To Create Depth
  • Learn Form Shadows
  • Value on Curved Surfaces
  • Value on Flat Surfaces
  • Draw the Sphere
  • Draw the Pear


  • Desire to Learn
  • Drawing Supplies paper, pencils and erasers
  • Basic Drawing Experience
  • Understand How to Draw Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Pyramid and the Cube
  • The Power of Line Class recommended
  • Previous Experience with Shading not required

This is the Next Class in the Fundamentals of Drawing Series a follow up to the class The Power of Line.

Hi, I’m Kevin McCain

The arts have been a part of my professional life for over 20 years. One of the things I enjoy most is sharing with students the insights to help them improve their drawing and painting.

Enroll and Start Drawing Today!


The Magic of Values, Foundations of Drawing

We explore the properties of using values to create depth, first we learn the basic techniques of creating values and shading, then we use the values to give the sphere and others.