Get the Most Out of the Class

How to Use This Class

This class is full of lots of information. The lessons are in real time so you can view and listen to the process as needed. Learning the concepts really depends on you practicing and drawing along with the videos. Just watching the videos won't do it. I have met a lot of people who have tried online learning and we will talk about a particular concept and they will answer "I know the concept. I understand it". I will then ask them to demonstrate they concept. Many times I will be told "I understand it. I just can't do it." or "I can't do it well." Like in most things understanding and doing are two very different things. Someone can watch a person play the piano for endless amounts of time and still not be able to play even the simplest song. The only way to truly learn to is to practice. Struggling through a song time after time until you learn to confidently play the song. It's the same with drawing. By drawing along with me you will get the experience of creating a drawing with the correct values and shapes. You will also be able to check your progress along the way.

So let's grab our supplies and start drawing!

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