Start A Watercolor Painting Adventure!

Watercolor is such a great medium. For many of us it was how we were introduced to painting as children. In this class we learn about the materials and techniques and approaches for creating watercolor paintings. So join me for a watercolor adventure!

It is recommended you have taken the Power of Line and the Magic of Values class.

Anyone Can Learn To Use Watercolor

Painting is For Everyone!

People say to me all the time "I wish I could paint, but I don't have the Talent." The truth is painting is a learned skill and you can learn to paint in my class.

What We will Learn?

We will explore tools, material and techniques for watercolor paintings. We will start the painting use our drawing skills of line and understanding value. We will learn to identify and mix colors accurately. The we will use these principles to paint simple objects to build our painting skills.

The Videos Are Pre-recorded

This is a study at your own pace online learning class. Watch the videos and paint using the concepts that are taught.You have full access to the class.

Outline of Concepts Taught

  • Brushes, Paper and Supplies
  • 12 Most Common Techniques
  • Monochromatic Painting
  • 3 properties of Color
  • Color Wheel For Mixing Color
  • Painting Studies of Fruit


  • Desire to Learn
  • Watercolor Painting Supplies
  • Basic Drawing Experience
  • The Beginning Drawing I and 2 recommended

This is the Next Class Following Beginning Drawing 2

Start Your Painting Adventure!

Hi, I’m Kevin McCain

The arts have been a part of my professional life for over 20 years. One of the things I enjoy most is sharing with students the insights to help them improve their drawing and painting.

Photograph of Art Kevin McCain Near the Boise River