Supplies Needed For Class

Supplies Needed For Class

Let's jump right in and get started. I have included the supplies list for the class. Which are talked about in the video.

Supplies List

Paint Set Option 1

Any pan watercolor set.

Paint Set Option 2

Winsor Newton Cotman, Grumbacher of Pelikan Pan set

Tube Colors Option 3

recommended brands: Winsor Newton, MGraham, Grumbacher. The smallest tubes will work great.


Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Cadmium Red Light or Scarlet

Alizarin Crimson 

Thio or Thalo Violet or Acra Violet(optional)

Burnt Sienna

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue

Thalo Blue Or Winsor Blue


Hookers Green

Sap Green

Paynes Gray

Burnt Umber

Mixing Palette

preferably a porcelain 12 x 12 inch glazed white or light colored tile. Or something similar

or a Watercolor enameled tray or plastic palette

Drawing Board

At least a 24” x 24” or similar sized board 1/4" wood hardboard (not foam board)

Watercolor Paper

Brands: D’Arches, Arches, Winsor, and Newton

1 full sheets-140lb. or 300lb. cold pressed

full sheets 22”x 30”(approximately)

**note 140lb will need to be stretched. You will need at least a 1/4" wood hard board 16" x 20" approximately (not foam board or gator board)**

Water Containers

Something to hold your water and clean your brushes

1-roll paper towels

Water Spray Bottle

1-regular spray bottle


1-cellulose sponges


Watercolor brushes soft hair brushes. Look for sable or synthetic/sable blends or high-quality synthetic brushes. Watercolor brushes can be expensive so I have suggested a good quality student grade.

Note* Cotman makes affordable quality brushes, Jack Richeson 9000 series is another great brush.


1-1” brush 


1-#4 round(optional)

1-#10 round

Paper Gum Tape

1 roll

(not needed if you get 300 lb paper)


9” x 12” sketchbook(multi-media if possible)


1-2h or HB pencil

Supplies Carrier(optional)

Toolbox or something to carry Art supplies.

Kneaded Eraser

White Vinyl Eraser

Wear Clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on

or use an apron

Students need to take their paints and materials

with them. We can’t store them in studio.

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