Welcome To The Class! Let Talk Materials

Welcome To The Oil Painting Class!

Oil painting is a great medium! However too many times beginning students feel lost as how to use and control the medium effectively. This class is the first of many to teach how to use oil paint effectively and confidently. I recommend to get the most out of this class to take the Beg. Drawing 1 and Beg. Drawing 2 first before taking this class. I tell my students all the time the better you can draw the better you can paint. Because with both drawing and painting we confront the challenges of value, shape and perspective. As painters we add the challenges of color. The classes are recorded in real time so you can sit down with me and create a painting and practice the exercises. You will want to paint along side me. Just watching the videos won't teach you very much.

So let's get started with the materials we need to start painting I am including a list of suggested materials for the class.

*disclaimer oil paints even under the best circumstances are toxic materials so take care to use in a well ventilated area and use gloves or something to protect your skin.*

The Materials

Oil Paint

Pre-Tested Grumbacher, Winsor Newton Professional Paint, MGraham

37ml Oil Paint or Any "Professional Quality Paint"

Cadmium Yellow Light (Not Hue)   or Cad. Yellow(Not Hue)

Grumbacher Red or Winsor Red or Naphol Red

Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine Blue

Burnt Umber

Ivory Black

Titanium White (Do not buy Flake White or Cremintz White those are lead paints.)

Palette Knife


Disposable Palette

Canvas Support

4 canvas boards 9” x 12”

Towels and Rags

Bring paper towels


Make Winton: Use hog bristle brushes.

Buy the following



 1- #8 flat brush

 1- #6 flat brush

Soft Synthetic

1- one inch Brush


Turpenoid small container(blue label)

Thinner Container Cleaner

 Some container with a sealable lid for your mineral spirits

Box or Carrier

You can use a simple cardboard box.


Supplies Carrier

Toolbox or something to carry Art supplies


Color Isolator

Complete and Continue