Online Classes Teaching Classical Approaches

Online classes are very flexible for those with busy schedules or someone who doesn't have access to quality art classes. These classes give you the instruction you would receive at the finest universities. In the comfort of your own home.

Learn What the Masters Knew

Learn the Art of Drawing and Painting

using Classical Styles and

Approaches to Improve Fast!

Courses from Beginning to Advanced.

What People Are Saying

” I learned more in two weeks than I learned all semester in my college drawing classes!”

D. Southwick

I wanted to leave my “business side” and explore my “creative side,” or just find out if I had one. Kevin McCain has given me the courage to do so, with patience and humor. The classes offer knowledge, skill, and experience, encouraging beginners while supporting those with greater skills.

J. Adam

“I found that improving my drawing skills helps greatly in my paintings. The ability to capture proportions, render shading correctly, and show perspective properly are all great assets in painting. I highly recommend anyone embarking on or already involved in painting to take these drawing classes.” 

M. Marriott.

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I Enjoy Sharing The Secrets

Of Creating Amazing Art!

I have been a professional artist for 20 years. My artwork has been published nationally and internationally. I enjoy sharing the insights I have learned with others so they can also create great artwork. These classes are geared for those who want to learn the skills and techniques for drawing and painting. These classes are using traditions that have been passed down for hundreds of years. The classes are intensive and information packed. Join me today and get creative!