Welcome to the Class

Welcome to the Class

Painting a Simple Watercolor Landscape

Landscape painting is so wonderful! It is amazing to capture some of natures beauty in watercolor. Come with me on a journey as we create a painting of a wonderful mountain meadow before a summer storm. The scene was so breathtaking I just had to share it with you!!

In this class I will show you step by step how to paint a landscape in watercolor. I will cover the techniques I am using and the thinking behind them. This class is for intermediate to advanced watercolor students or artists. You should also be familiar with basic to intermediate drawing techniques. Here is a list of the recommended drawing and painting experience I recommend.

  • Basic Watercolor Techniques
  • Wet into Wet
  • Wet into Semi-Wet
  • Flat Washes
  • Gradated Washes
  • Using Flat and Round Brushes
  • Basic Drawing Concepts


  • Grids for Drawing
  • Transfer Drawing
  • Some Landscape Drawing Experience

So if you are ready for a painting adventure or have always wanted to paint landscapes. Join me for a wonderful painting adventure!

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